My View: Why You Should Attend PMA University

April 2000
by Robin Bartlett

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PMA University is the centerpiece of the independent publisher’s professional efforts to sustain and renew ourselves. Increasingly, PMA University is shying away from the expert-lecture approach given to a mute, somnolent, sheep-like audience. Instead, PMA-U sessions emphasize opportunities for communication with other members of the association. For many of us, this meeting is one of the few opportunities to experience the emerging diversity of our membership, to meet the newest entrepreneurs of our profession, and to celebrate the achievements of our most accomplished and respected colleagues through the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards program.
In the final analysis, however, perhaps the major reason for attending PMA University is simply to be there, to escape for at least a few hours into a private sanctuary of our profession for renewal, fellowship, networking, and the celebration of the values and ideals we subscribe to as publishers. It is a time-honored activity that is familiar to academics, scholars, and businessmen who have taken a dream and decided to share it with others in print or by electronic means. I find myself awed by the talent, humanity, and immense capacity to contribute and share that I find in the publishing members I meet at PMA University.
I am increasingly attracted to the Q&A portions of our sessions, where you experience the very essence of learning about our industry. After considerable practice, I’ve learned to scan the room and predic…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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