My Path to More Successful Public Speaking

July 2006
by Patricia Fry

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I’ve had some humbling
experiences as a speaker lately, but they’ve led me to realize some things that
will help me and my audiences during future presentations. If you promote your
books through speaking engagements, my realizations might help you, too.


Here’s one: There are some things
that people don’t want to know. They may come to you with questions on the
subject of your expertise. They may attend your presentations on that topic.
But they don’t really want to hear what you have to say if it means stepping
outside their comfort zone. Someone who is seeking an easy way to achieve
something does not want to be given a complicated how-to list. Even the most
reasonable way to succeed can be a turnoff if it means having to change an
opinion or an approach.


Think about it. There are some
messages none of us wants to hear. For instance: “It’s time for you to visit
the dentist/doctor”; “You should be saving X% of your income”; and “You need to
quit smoking/eating so much.” What I’ve been discovering is that new authors do
not want to know how to write a book proposal. Nor do some of them want to hear
the negatives of going with a fee-based publishing service or the hazards of
buying just one ISBN from a publisher if they’ve already made a decision to do


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