My Life & Hard Times on the Prepress Learning Curve

April 2003
by Rita M. Ippoliti

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My first printing of Falling Into Place came off the press in January, and
boy, did I learn a lot during the prepress stage. For those of you who are
planning a printing, here’s the story I set down for a sympathetic friend as
I slowly climbed the learning curve.

You Have No Idea…

I’m falling way behind in law school these days ’cause this book has been a ton of work. You wouldn’t believe what’s involved in this self-publishing game. Just getting the file ready for the printer is a major ordeal. When I printed the galley copies, I went with a short-run digital printer. Digital is nice because you have a much greater degree of tolerance with the quality of the file. Photos will come out decently as long as they are clear. But you can’t go digital with a large print run.  It’s just not cost-effective. I printed over 2,000 copies of the final version of my book, and for a run that size, you have to go offset. Well, offset is not as “tolerant.” You have to make sure that you send all your fonts to the printer on
a disk, along with the cover layout (including something called “color separations”). OK, I had a designer who could worry about those things. Hell, I
figured I paid him enough to worry. So I didn’t give it another thought. Big mistake.
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