My Discoveries at Amazon: A Cautionary Tale

October 2006
by Bob Adjemian

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Vedanta Press is a small but
respected publisher of books on Vedanta, a branch of Hinduism. We service a
niche within a niche with about 20 of our own titles and maybe 500 that we
import from India as the exclusive distributor in the United States.


In the last few years, fewer and
fewer bookstores have carried our books (lots went out of business), but with
the aid of the Internet, our retail mail-order Vedanta Catalog became our best
sales channel. Baker & Taylor used to be our second biggest; then, strange
to say, moved strongly into second place.


Last month, I reluctantly decided
that the only way to expand our presence at Amazon was to enroll our unlisted
titles in the Advantage program. This article is the story of what I


Adding so many titles to Amazon is
no joke, since it is up to the publisher to provide the cover picture and do
the writeups. As I went through Amazon’s site to see what was already there, I
found many of our titles listed, but not as sold by us!


Two Vedanta Press titles were
listed as published by other companies—outright illegal editions. One title is
from a firm in India that apparently figured it was too far away for us to sue
and didn’t care that we already had a legal edition in India. The other is from
a U.S. publisher, in two version…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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