Multiply Your Promotional Impact

July 1998
by Brian Jud

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The vast number of quick-fix products and services available today have led people to expect immediate results in almost all areas of their lives. But there is no quick fix when it comes to buyer behavior. People take their time making decisions about how to spend their money. It is not enough for them to see you or hear about your book one time. People have to be reminded about it by being exposed to your message repeatedly. And that takes time. Here are the thoughts that might go through a consumer’s mind after hearing your message 10 times over a period of weeks:

Book’s ExposureCustomer Reaction¬†¬†First Time “So what!”Second “What’s in it for me?”Third “That’s interesting.”Fourth “What was that title again?”Fifth “I think I’ve heard of that book before.”Sixth “I think I’ve heard of that author before.”Seventh “My friend mentioned that book yesterday.”Eighth “My friend read it and thought it was good.”Ninth “I’ll look for it when I’m at the bookstore.”Tenth “I’ll go to the store to buy it now.”
Why Repetition Is Needed

The importance of communicating frequently is demonstrated by three facts. First, people do not care about you or your book; they care about themselves. And they will not buy your book unless and until you convince them that it will help them and that they need it more than anything else they’re thinking of purchasing. Second, the communication process takes time to evolve. Third, there are over 100,00…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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