Move Your Business Forward Through the Power of Objectives

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June 2011
by Patti P. Phillips

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Move Your Business Forward Through the Power of Objectives

by Patti P. Phillips

Project objectives play a much broader and more important role in business than most people think. At the organization level, they should focus on business impact and financial return on investment. At the project level, they can focus on how people react to a project, what they learn from it, or how they perform during and after implementation. Whether you’re focusing on the strategic direction of an organization or on positioning a project or initiative at the tactical level, powerful objectives that pertain to perception, learning, application, impact, and even ROI are critical.

Three conditions are necessary for developing useful objectives:

1. The chain of impact must exist.

2. The objectives must contain conditions.

3. The objectives must contain criteria.

The Chain of Impact

As briefly described in “Achieving Business Alignment” (February) and as shown in Table 1, there are five levels of objectives. Together, objectives at these levels describe the chain of impact. As people react to a plan, project, or initiative, they lear…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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