Monitoring the Latest in Computer Screens

March 2000
by Reid Goldsborough

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You probably don’t think twice about your computer monitor. Most people simply take the monitor that comes with their computer. (The vast majority of computers are sold with monitors, despite the misleading practice by some manufacturers of pricing computers without them.) And you probably won’t think again about your monitor until it’s time to buy a new computer. Yet your monitor is what you interface with. You may get touchy-feely with your keyboard and mouse, but you stare at your monitor every second you compute. And it stares right back at you. Interesting developments involving computer monitors may make you think more about what you’re looking at.

Flat Panels (LCDs)

The most visible development in monitors is the flat-panel display for desktop computers. Flat panels, also called LCDs (liquid-crystal displays), until recently were used primarily with portable computers. Now some desktop computers feature them. In contrast to the bulky CRT (cathode-ray tube) monitors that typically come with desktop PCs, LCDs are slimmer, lighter and emit less heat and radiation. Some people choose to replace their existing CRT with an LCD. I tested two of the best and brightest desktop LCD monitors, the NEC MultiSync LCD1510+ and the ViewSonic VP150 ViewPanel, and I was impressed with both. Unlike CRTs, which tuck part of the screen under the plastic bezel, LCDs expose the entire screen. Consequently, despite the 15-inch size of these two models, they…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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