Midyear Marketing Measurement

June 2007
by Brian Jud

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Midyear Marketing Measurement


by Brian Jud


When a helicopter is at rest,
the dials on its dashboard are all askew, with arrows pointing in different
directions. But when that helicopter is flying straight and level, with no
problems, all the arrows point straight up. The pilot can glance at the
instrument panel and quickly see if any problem exists. When something is
wrong, it’s immediately clear so there’s no need to waste time evaluating
things that are working correctly.


You can apply this same concept to
your publishing efforts by setting up a system that quickly highlights
marketing problems. I recommend using the system six months into your fiscal
year and then again at the end of the period, or more often. Once it reveals a
problem, you can determine the problem’s cause and move toward a solution.


Look at your key result areas,
rather than at all marketing moves, and measure the difference between what
results are and what you expected them to be at this point. Are your unit sales
as forecast? Is your revenue what you projected? Are profits up to par?


For now, ignore titles that are on
target and attend to those below forecast.


Step 1. Conduct a
Quantitative Audit

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