MIA Authors: The Challenge and Some Solutions

April 2007
by Linda Carlson

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MIA Authors: The Challenge and
Some Solutions


by Linda Carlson


The situation: it’s time to
plan promotion for a new title, so you pick up the phone to discuss appearances
and media interviews with the author.


The serious snag: “Appearances?
Interviews? I can’t do any book promotion, I’m . . . ”


And then you hear, “ . . . moving
to Ukraine for a year,” “ . . . agoraphobic,” “ . . . having a baby next
month,” “ . . . getting ready for chemo.” Or, worst of all, you hear that the
author has died.


Improbable, you think? Hardly.
These are examples of real challenges that publishers deal with—sometimes with
no warning.


Just ask Nancy Hammerslough,
editor at Brown Barn Books in Connecticut, who left a message for the author of
a manuscript that was ready for the printer, only to receive a paralegal’s
notification of the writer’s death.


Or ask Duse McLean, whose Thistle
Press had just received 7,000 copies of Pioneers of Lake View at its
Seattle-area warehouse space when the author’s sister phoned to say he had


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