Metrics and Traffic Building: What’s Your Web Site Telling You to Do?

July 2008
by David Marshall

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Metrics and Traffic Building: What’s Your Web Site Telling You to Do?

by David Marshall

By measuring the success of your online marketing features, you can make incremental adjustments to your Web site that address your readers’ needs, leading to higher traffic and more sales. Beef up content pages and then watch to see if your visitors stay longer on the pages you improved. Create more favorable-outcome exit pages to e-commerce sites and see what happens to sales of your books there. Reward sites that send you traffic with ads or promotions and assess the consequences.

To measure the performance of your site, use programs such as Google Analytics, Alexa, and Quantcast that help you understand your customers better by providing several kinds of data (see below, “Try These Three”).

You’ll want to know:

Who comes to your site?

Where do they come from?

How long do they linger?

Do they visit multiple pages or leave after the first page?

Where do they go when they leave—to a site you have recommended like or, or elsewhere?

Case in Point

Here’s a real-life example. At Berrett-Koehler…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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