Merchandising Your Books at Events for Bigger Profits

December 2000
by Eric Gelb

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Hosting events, autograph parties, and mini-seminars can be a very exciting and profitable way to sell your books, products, and services. But the key to maximizing your profits is to merchandise yourself and your books using the most effective approach so your audience becomes convinced they must buy your books. Follow these six steps to improve your results. Carefully select your events and their location and timing. The most important merchandising strategy is to select the right events (events where you will succeed). In my early days as a speaker, I held events anywhere that I could speak. This included libraries, civic clubs, and bookstores. Nearly half these events were poorly attended or the audience was only mildly interested in my topic. Before you agree to host an event, conduct market research to determine the size of the audience, their interest in your topic, and the likelihood that you’ll sell books (track record of other speakers on your topic). Design your event and presentation to sell your books. Conduct market research to discover your audience’s goals, objectives, and interests. Then select the most appropriate products and services to sell (in effect, the ones that most interest your audience). Next, design your presentation to emphasize the features and benefits that your product(s) offer. For example, suppose you wrote a book on budgeting and your audience was a group of real estate agents. This audience would be interested in earning…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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