Media Myths That Can Get You in Trouble

August 2009
by Ross Goldberg

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Media Myths That Can Get You in Trouble

by Ross Goldberg

Cooperating with the media and working with reporters to help get a story told is one of the most important things any company can do. But many myths persist about how to foster media relationships and what you can and can’t expect when the questions are flying or the cameras are rolling.

Here are 10 myths that you must shatter to be successful when being interviewed.

The reporter is my friend. Reporters have a job to do—report. If a reporter treated you favorably in the past, that doesn’t make the reporter a friend or guarantee a positive story. Their jobs come first, just as yours should.

The media is out to get me. Occasionally, yes, but usually no. What most reporters and editors want is simply a good story. If you bring a confrontational or negative attitude to an interview, it will have a harmful impact on the story. Better to be upbeat, positive, and courteous.

We can talk off the record. The words “off the record”—just like the words “no comment”—should be stricken from your vocabulary. Some reporters consider “off the record” as simply not for attribution, which is by no means the…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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