MasterCard Marketing Opportunity for Merchants

January 2001
by Jerry Sutherland and Wayne Baca

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First of Omaha’s account management team is pleased to inform our association/franchise partner contacts about the availability of a free online marketing opportunity that exists for the merchant community. This opportunity, called MasterCard Exclusives Online, is designed to increase sales and marketing exposure for a merchant’s business through the use of specialized online offers.


How can MasterCard Exclusives Online help your member’s/franchisee’s?


This FREE program gives your member’s/franchisee’s an opportunity to utilize MasterCard’s popular web site to reach hundreds of thousands of MasterCard cardholders around the world. MasterCard Exclusives Online has proven to help merchants reach an increasingly growing number of consumers who shop on the Internet. Merchants using this marketing opportunity have been able to….
Increase their annual sales (does not require a web site).
Expand their customer base and gain loyal customers.
Build traffic to their own web site.

How does MasterCard Exclusives Online work?


A business (your member/franchisee) provides an offer (a minimum of 20 percent off or a $10 equivalent value) available exclusively to MasterCard cardholders who purchase merchandise online. MasterCard takes care of the rest by:


Inviting millions of MasterCard cardholders to enroll in MasterCard Exclusives Online through their web site and other issuing bank communication pieces, and by


Sending millions of MasterCard cardh…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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