Marketing with Postcards

September 2003
by Jeffrey Dobkin

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The absolute best campaign you can create is a letter campaign. A series of personalized letters sent over time can be your most effective selling tool–ever.  But man, they’re a lot of work.

So the problem is… how can you stay in your customers’ top-of-mind awareness without all that work? The answer is… with a few postcards. When you mail postcards to each prospect or customer every three to eight weeks, they’ll think of YOU when they need something, and pick up the phone and call YOU when they’re ready to buy.

The Postcard Plusses

Postcards are hardworking marketing tools because:

They’re cheap to produce. No envelope; no lettershop charges for folding and inserting. Just image a name and address onto one side and let them loose.The postage is cheaper too–21¢ each before any postal discounts, which can be substantial. In fact, the discount may be so substantial that you might actually save money by paying a mailing house to handle addressing, tying, bagging, and delivering the cards to the post office with the bar codes and carrier route labels required for discounts.Postcards have high readership. Almost everyone reads them, even the good folks who throw out all your bulk direct mail! Heck, by the time your customers have it in their hands… they’re reading it.>0OAThere’s plenty of presentation styles possible. One-to-one communication via p…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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