Marketing That Mattered: The Back Story

April 2007
by Peggy Elam

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Many thanks for your message and congratulations on what’s happening
with those books

Marketing That Mattered: The
Back Story


by Peggy Elam


I have a confession to make
about our ninth and tenth titles (Beyond Measure: A Memoir About Short Stature and Inner
Growth by Ellen Frankel, and The Singing of Swans: A Novel by Mary
Saracino), which we published in the fall of 2006.


Saracino’s book-reading at the
Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver on October 30 sold every copy of her book
that the store had in stock, pushing it to the #2 spot on the Denver Post’s
paperback fiction bestseller list. A few days later, Frankel was interviewed by
the Today
show for a segment on short stature and men, pegged to the recent publication
of another author’s book on that subject. On December 2, a clip from her
interview ran on a Today
“Size Matters” segment, with the cover of Beyond Measure prominently displayed on
the left half of the TV screen.


Pearlsong Press would like to take
all the credit for these promotional

coups, but I have to tell you
that, in both cases, the credit belongs to the savvy authors.


The Tactics That Did the


Although The Singing of Swans
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