Marketing Partnerships: A Guerrilla Marketer’s Best Friend

September 2010
by Shel Horowitz

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Marketing Partnerships: A Guerrilla Marketer’s Best Friend

by Shel Horowitz

What’s the easiest way to get in front of a new audience? Partner with someone who’s already there. It could be a competitor, a complementary business, a nonprofit—any organization that’s already welcomed and trusted by the very people you’d most

like to reach.

Here’s a great example of competitors marketing together, cooperatively: A newspaper co-op ad from 11 local florists, who teamed up just before Mother’s Day. By joining forces, the consortium could afford a big ad that demanded to be noticed. The

headline: “You wouldn’t buy your groceries from a florist! So, why buy your plants from a grocer?”

The ad copy emphasized higher plant quality, expert knowledge, and various other benefits, and then gave full contact info for each of the florists who partnered

to create it.

Small local companies aren’t the only ones doing this. Some of the largest and most fiercely competitive corporations in the world engage in joint ventures regularly.

Think about the package delivery business. The USPS subcontracts intercity air transportation of Express Mail and Priority Mail to FedEx, which gets a su…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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