Marketing Margaret Mouse: The Adventures of a Great-Grandmother Turned Publisher

March 2006
by Pat Arnold

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Never give up on your dreams!
I didn’t. I have twelve grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, and I
created my own company to publish my children’s books in 2005.

I had written five stories about The Adventures of Margaret
Mouse many years before, and then, a few years ago, I was
introduced to a talented artist who worked for Disney, drawing such classics asThe Little Mermaid
and Aladdin,
to name just two. We spoke on the phone, and I sent him my manuscript, “School
Days,” which describes how I felt my little mouse looked—buck teeth,
thick-rimmed eyeglasses, stringy hair, long nose, not pretty at all. His
drawings came back with my Margaret as she is today. I bought them, but they
sat in the filing cabinet for the next three years, untouched.

In 2004, my husband encouraged me
to get the books printed and “out there for the kids.” I knew I needed an
illustrator, and I simply could not afford the Disney artist. By chance, I was
introduced to Angela Redmon, an aspiring cartoonist who babysat two of our
grandsons. After that, things just started rolling along.

As a pen name, I chose Cherokee
Wyatt because I have a Cherokee heritage, Wyatt is my maiden last name, and I
liked the way it flowed from the tongue. When I sat down and searched for a
publisher, I found Trafford Books, a POD company, in Canada. I sent them the
first two books

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