Marketing in Today’s Turbulent Publishing Environment

May 2010
by Carol White

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Marketing in Today’s Turbulent Publishing Environment

by Carol White

Book marketing is becoming nearly unsustainable with the pricing and distribution models we’re accustomed to using.

Look at these statistics:

More than 500,000 new titles are now published each year—that’s 1,100 a day.

In 2008 more books were published via POD than traditionally.

20 percent of print, audio, and e-book book sales now occur online.

40 percent of book sales to consumers occur outside traditional “trade” locations.

Bookstores, including the chains, now account for 40 percent of book sales.

E-book sales are growing at more than 100 percent per year.

E-books accounted for 3 percent of all book sales in 2009, up from 1 percent in 2008.

With the universe of midsized, small, and self-publishers growing fast, distributors—and readers—have a difficult time picking the great books coming from smaller presses. And with distribution methods multiplying—think e-book readers, downloads, and the cloud, for example—the reading public may be chasing a nearly infinite number of choices with limited dollars to spend.

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