Marketing Book Content Profitably as an App

August 2010
by Lee Foster

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This screen from an entry in my San Francisco app product differs from a page in the book in several ways. The viewer can click into a cluster of photos; the map opens up as GPS-enabled, showing where the viewer is and where other things are that the viewer might want to see; and the text has live links to information sources beyond the app (they’re further down in this entry).

Marketing Book Content Profitably as an App

by Lee Foster

Can an IBPA member transform the content of a printed book into an app and earn a dollar or two?

The short answer is yes, based on my own experience. But the issues are complicated, and the path is not simple or smooth.

The good news is that one of my three apps sold 957 units in a recent 30-day period. This meant a royalty payment to me of $574.20, since the royalty rate is 30 percent of the $1.99 list, or 60 cents per sale, or 60 × 957. You might be able to replicate this success.

My best-selling app is San Francisco Travel and Photo Guide (Sutro Media, $1.99) in the Apple iTunes App Store (

I know you have a dozen questions at this point, so let me step …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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