Managing Social Media

September 2009

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Managing Social Media

How can you keep social media from eating up too much time? IBPA members have supplied a variety of answers to that question, as you’ll see.

Interestingly, the response rate to our email on the topic was relatively low. Maybe this is because many members have chosen not to get heavily involved with social media. On the other hand, maybe it’s because lots of you are into them so heavily that you barely have time to breathe.

Read on for specific social media time-management tips. More will appear next month. And see “A Social Media Marketing Plan” by Dana Lynn Smith in this issue for tips on how to make time for all your marketing tasks.—Judith Appelbaum

The Lobster Pot Pattern

I generally try to start my day with a blog post because I find it’s a good way to get the juices flowing. Usually, my posts are business related, so this also forces a business topic to the top of my mind at the start of the day. Then I’ll visit my favorite blog sites to see what’s cooking, maybe making a short comment here and there. After that, I’ll upload my newest blog link to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and spend 10 minutes checking links and comme…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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