Making Your Own Breaks

November 2001
by Joseph Shaw

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Two months after the release of my first title, my author and Shovel It: Nature’s Health Plan were featured in USA Today, a publication with 9 to 12 million readers. This wasn’t an article crammed in with others or a mention in a book section. It was the only feature on its page. The article was in a Friday paper that hung around at newsstands for Saturday and Sunday readers too.

When one of the first articles about your book is in the country’s largest paper, you might think that all the work is over; readers will break down the door trying to buy the book. But if you know publishing at all, you know that’s a myth up there with the Tooth Fairy. This first national article was the foundation, and it just didn’t happen because we were lucky. It came about because we use the 3 Ts. They are:




We were “T-ed” up and ready to go.

Here’s what we did so you can do it too!


T Number One: The Team

Telling others about how the company went from a great idea to being featured in USA Today, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the San Antonio Express-News, Long Island Woman, and scores of columns and reviews throughout the U.S., as well as radio and television appearances, makes it seem like a huge job. It can be daunting but when you break it down into small segments, it’s easier.

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