Making the Most of Your Ghost Experience

March 2002
by Robin Quinn, Quinn’s Word for Word

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When I mention that I ghostwrite, people always have plenty of questions about the process. Ghostwriting is an underreported aspect of publishing, perhaps because of the background role that ghosts play. So here are some basics that you can keep in mind for a time when you might need to hire such a secret partner.


Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Ghosts who write really do exist and for some important reasons. The main one–a lack of time for writing on the part of an expert or celebrity–has been the impetus for my involvement in all four of my ghostwriting assignments so far. In fact, it’s the reason I got my first ghostwriting break. Three years ago, an author friend who had committed to co-writing a book got sidetracked on another project. I was asked to step in because of the time crunch.

The second reason ghostwriters exist is because an expert or celebrity may lack writing skills. Inthese situations, the ghost may write all or almost all of the manuscript, adjusting it to accommodate notes, edits, or comments from the client. On one of my projects, English was not the main author’s primary language, so he would not have been able to write the book himself.

In addition to writing skills, a good ghostwriter brings experience in publishing to the project. In my case, I have had more than 10 years of book publishing experience, have edited more than a hundred books, and have worked as a journal…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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