Making the Most of Awards

October 2001
by Philip Dale Smith

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What happens when you win a Benjamin Franklin Award? Unbelievable things? Maybe. How many? How valuable? Well, it is my belief that the recipients largely determine the answers.

For Lisa Kay Hauser (this year’s winner for Popular Fiction; a co-author of Turn Back Time), and for her husband, Richard Hauser, it was the nudge needed to make a decision. She announced to the applauding awards-ceremony audience, “I’m going to go home, quit my job with the school district, and write full-time!”

Today her trips to schools are to do storytime for little kids and creative writing sessions for older ones. She’s gearing up for the winter release of a new Young Adult novel, Secrets of Rebel Cave, featuring youngsters from Turn Back Time. In the new book, 16-year-old Dulcie Delaney and her brother, Jackie, age 12, visit cousins in Tennessee. There the pair team up with four other youths to explore Rebel Cave to see if they can prove Confederate soldiers hid out there; what they find is proof, plus much more. Not far behind the release of Secrets of Rebel Cave will be the debut of a sequel to TBT. Lisa’s also enjoying speaking at book fairs and festivals and doing signings. So winning a Ben Franklin is certainly personally affirming–but it’s much, much more.

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