Making a Name for Your Site

February 2007
by Reid Goldsborough

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Making a Name for Your Site


by Reid Goldsborough


Some people don’t care what
you call them as long as you call them. Some Web site owners feel the same. Yet
a Web site’s domain name can be a powerful way to get people through your virtual


A domain name, as it’s most
commonly understood, is a Web site’s address expressed in an individual and
easy-to-remember way, such as Anyone can obtain a
domain name, from multinational companies to grade-school children.


If you have a Web site or work
with one, you may know what the domain registration process is. You first find
out if the name you want is already taken by going to a Whois server, such as
InterNIC’s Whois Search ( or (


Once you know that a name you want
is available, think carefully about how it might read before you adopt it.
Mistakes have been made, sometimes with humorous results, although not
necessarily for the domain name holder. Experts Exchange, a site for computer
programmers, initially could be found at Pen Island, a
vendor of custom-made pens, chose the domain name Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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