Make Your BEA Exhibit a Success

April 2000
by Brian Jud

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The upcoming Book Expo America (BEA) convention represents an
opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers in just three
days. You will increase your chances of success if you plan and
promote a prominent display that communicates your message
effectively to the largest number of attendees. Here’s some
tips on how to make your participation a success.

Begin by deciding exactly what it is you want to
Inexperienced exhibitors believe it is necessary to
sell enough books at each show to cover their costs of attending.
Although sales are important, you will rarely sell enough books at a
show to defray all your expenses. Instead, initiate contacts and
perform activities that will give you the best long-term return on
your investment. These include performing market research,
discovering new ideas and treads for future books, continuing your
education, networking, socializing, stimulating publicity, creating
national or international distribution, and uncovering opportunities
for special sales or foreign rights.

Next, contact the sponsoring company
( for an exhibitor’s kit with
information on the floor layout and available locations.
a space that is visible from a high-traffic zone such as an
entrance, restaurant, or autographing area. BEA also offers a Small
Press Section with more economical booth space.

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