Make the Right Editorial Match

January 2009
by Barbara McNichol

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Make the Right Editorial Match

by Barbara McNichol

Finding the right freelance editor requires a matchmaking process that helps your editor understand the dreams you have for your book. To start, review this checklist of crucial questions that a potential editor could ask you. Answering them defines the project and helps ensure the match-up will work for both of you.

Crucial Questions

Who is in your book’s target audience (demographics, age group, position, industry, region, etc.)?

What genre or market niche does this book fit in? Where would it be found in a bookstore?

What is your expected editorial timeline (e.g., when did you promise to give it to a designer, have it ready for a conference, etc.)? Be sure to budget time for all steps in the publication process.

How much of the book is written? Does the content that’s ready now include front and back matter (e.g., foreword, testimonials, acknowledgments, dedication, footnotes, resource list, glossary, appendix, etc.)? If your answer to “how much” is not “100 percent,” what is missing? When would you be ready to send the editor your complete content?

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