Make Corporate Sales by Solving Prospects’ Problems

November 2010
by Brian Jud

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Make Corporate Sales by Solving Prospects’ Problems

by Brian Jud

The Golden Rule states that we should treat people as we want to be treated. In the world of selling, the Golden Rule is replaced by the Platinum Rule, which says we should treat people as they want to be treated. How do you know how your special sales prospects want to be treated? You ask them.

This is the third step in the process of selling books to corporate buyers: Discover your prospects’ buying criteria and campaign objectives. (For an overview of all the steps and detailed guidance about the second, see “Make Large Sales to Corporate Buyers,” which appeared in the September issue, and “How to Find Potential Buyers in Special Markets,” which appeared in October.)

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Marketing managers in businesses of all sorts and sizes use promotional items—including books—as tools for solving problems. They might see a book as a means of stimulating sales, revenue, or profits. Or they might see a book as an incentive that can help a company introduce a new product or enter a new market. Similarly, line managers in a wide variety of businesses might use a book to motivate or educate employees.

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