Major Media Coverage: Independent Publishers Report on What Worked

April 2008
by Linda Carlson

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Major Media Coverage: Independent Publishers Report on What Worked

by Linda Carlson

How often do smaller publishers get their books reviewed, featured or even mentioned by important national media like The New York Times Book Review or the Oprah Winfrey Show?

Although some major dailies insist they don’t distinguish between independent and mammoth publishers when they select books to cover, houses like Columbia University Press will tell you the significant coups come along seldom—perhaps once every generation.

Publishers who do receive major coverage attribute it to:

the author’s or the publisher’s longstanding relationships with reviewers

advance planning

a professional approach to media

intelligently targeted press release distribution

follow-through on the releases and on any interest shown by the media, to help reviewers and reporters create the best possible stories

other publications’ features or reviews

an excellent book

In the Pages of The New York Times

Nancy Cunard, written by Lois Gordon, made the cover of The New York Times Book R…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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