Major Media Coverage: Dillman Karate International’s Strategy for Success

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March 2012
by Linda Carlson

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George Dillman’s a small publisher. His company, Dillman Karate International, publishes a handful of books on a single topic. But he reports that he’s had publicity many of us only dream about because he believes in this maxim: “Keep bringing good work to the attention of major media.”

His newest book, The Pressure Point Fighting Secrets of Ryukyu Kempo, was brand-new when it caught the attention of Tonight Show host Jay Leno, and it’s pictured in the January issue of Black Belt Magazine.

“It’s easy to get my book reviewed in martial arts magazines,” says this Reading, PA, subject expert, a 10th-degree black belt in Ryukyu Kempo Tomari-te. “But,” Dillman continues, “I’ve also been mentioned in People, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy.” In fact, he recalls, “Playboy called my first book ‘a must read,’” with the result that he was “off and running to get more copies printed!”

That first book, Kyusho-jitsu: The Dillman Method of Pressure Point Fighting, was published in 1992 after Dillman had spent 30 years studying karate. All his products are ba

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