Magazines in the Mix: A Pattern for Profitable Book Publishing

November 2004
by Linda Ligon

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I got into publishing because I love the printed word, love books. Just like you. A funny thing has happened to that love, though, that has helped my company thrive in what are generally regarded as hard times for publishing.

When I was much, much younger, my love of books, and my impulse to make them, focused on the book as a beloved object. I was enamored of beautiful paper, well-crafted bindings, elegant type. I loved the craft; I had a secret ambition to run my own little letterpress, to do arty leather bindings with my own two hands. I didn’t think too much about content, except that it would be “significant.”

For a host of practical reasons, though, I started out publishing a magazine instead–a very narrowly focused, modest little magazine about a personal interest, handweaving. Now, a magazine publisher produces not just the publication itself but also a captive audience of readers. And the more narrowly focused the subject matter, the more captive those readers are. For me, it was an easy, short step from producing the magazine to producing books for its readers. And that’s been the business model at Interweave Press for more than 29 years: we develop a special-interest magazine with an avid readership, then give them all the books they want.

So far, we’ve done more than 300 titles in eight different subject-matter areas (weaving, spinning, needlework, beading, knitting, herb gardening, herbal medicine, sustainable li…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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