Low-cost, High-value Market Research

November 2010
by Jeanne Kramer

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Low-cost, High-value Market Research

by Jeanne Kramer

One of the most important and enjoyable roles of an IBPA board member is to gather with independent publishers at association and industry meetings and hear about your issues and concerns. Together, we share views about the state of the publishing business and what strategies and tactics we all can employ to be successful and help our businesses and our industry grow and prosper.

All of us will agree that the publishing business today—with the changing retail environment, e-books and apps, the dearth of print review outlets, and the explosion of social media—is a little like the Old West in the middle of an earthquake. Unmapped, lots of new guns in town, and the ground is constantly shifting. This is our reality.

How do we succeed in this environment?

To be successful in today’s marketplace, independent publishers need to carefully position their projects; successfully identify potential consumers; be competitive in content, format, and pricing; and assure retailers that they can market to the targeted audiences and bring consumers to the checkout.

The only way we can achieve these goals is by unde…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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