Looking Beyond the Cover Design of Your Book

March 2000
by Robin Bartlett

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If you’re a member of PMA, then you probably know how important it is to read Publishers Weekly and to stay current with the trends and developments of our industry. Nora Rawlinson, Editor-in-Chief of PW, had a great editorial in the February 7th issue. Titled “Why Not Judge a Book by Its Cover?,” this editorial is a must-read for all PMA members. While Rawlinson has written an excellent editorial about the importance of spending time, effort, and money developing both the cover and cover copy for your new book, she omits a couple of critical points that PMA members need to know. Read on as I elaborate.

What Attracts Booksellers’ Attention?

The editorial reports that “booksellers are as enamored of dust jackets as sales reps. In our study, 75% of the 300 booksellers surveyed (half from independents and half from chains) said that, of all the elements of the book itself, the look and design of the cover was the most important. The booksellers also thought that the plot summaries on the flaps and back cover were important, though somewhat less so.” Well, think about it. What do chain or independent book buyers and sales reps have to go on? They are presented with literally thousands of covers and titles each year. There’s no way they can read all that stuff, and after a few years of looking at title after title, this exercise has got to get boring! Ask anyone in the industry how long a buyer looks at and considers a new title being presented to…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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