Looking Back on — and Forward from — PMA-U

August 2003
by Lew Osteen, Oz-Osteen Zalar Publishing Co.

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Thanks to the officers and members of the Sacramento Publishers and Authors Association who awarded me the 2003 PMA scholarship to Publishing University, I am now in a position to say the following: “Whew!”

I had no idea what a wealth of information I would be offered over a three-
day period through more than 70 seminars on a smorgasbord of topics from the opening day free legal clinic (a must) to the closing day meeting with top
level bookstore executives.

We have all heard, ad nauseam, the mantra that the main principle of real estate is “Location! Location! Location!” After attending the seminars at PMA University, I have concluded that the main principle of book publishing is “Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!”

The second principle is “Contacts! Contacts! Contacts!”

Rethinking Art vs. Business Issues

I am first of all a writer and came to the business end of publishing reluctantly and ill-informed. My frustration with editors and major publishing houses was such that I knew I–or anyone else–could do better. I’m not so sure now.

First, it was difficult for me to see my craft–my “art”–as a business, but, folks, that is what it is. Before PMA University, my main focus was on the creative process and I tended to set myself above the business end of “the business.”
PMA University convinced me that the business end is“the busine…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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