Looking Back at “The Future of Publishing”

August 2009
by Mara Purl

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Looking Back at “The Future of Publishing”

by Mara Purl

Every year IBPA offers each of its affiliates a scholarship for Publishing University (any member of any affiliate may apply, so think about it for next year!). This year, I had the great privilege of getting one of those scholarships, via the Colorado Independent Publishers Association.

The Publishing University theme for 2009 was “The Future of Publishing: How to Thrive in a Digital World,” and the three-day program is far too extensive to report on in its entirety, but what follows will give you some of the key ideas.

“Making Information Pay”

This opening session, led by Ted Hill, was an ideal way to begin because it offered a clear assessment of where we are. Ted, who runs THA Consulting and serves on the board of the Book Industry Study Group, spoke about this economy in terms of a meltdown involving structural changes. He described survival as success (“Flat is the new up”), and innovation as a now-critical quality in the workforce.

What are industry leaders doing? Holding on to their best people. Working with three different budget scenarios. And seeing the recession as opportunity. What are they investing in? New technologies. What’s happeni…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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