Link Your Marketing and Editorial Calendars for Optimum Impact

January 2010
by Cynthia Frank

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Link Your Marketing and Editorial Calendars for Optimum Impact

by Cynthia Frank

All too often we separate our editorial and marketing tasks and calendars. It’s easy to give in to the “Let’s get this book to press” urgency soon after the first draft of the manuscript is completed. But it pays to make time for integrating editorial/production timelines with marketing timelines. This can strengthen the content of a book, even if it’s fiction, and generally leads to better long-term results.

This article outlines a sample editorial/marketing schedule for the production and release of a new book to help you create your own integrated calendar for any title.

As you plan the calendar for a particular book, think about your definition of success for that book. Why are you publishing it? Do you have the time and expertise to do all the work it requires, or will you need to outsource certain tasks and services? What’s your budget? I encourage you to honor your strengths and outsource your weaknesses.

Six to Twelve Months Before Publication

Prepare the manuscript. This entails manuscript evaluation/acquisition, developmental editing (if necessary), copyediting, peer review, permissions assessment (including bu…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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