Libraries — The “Perfect” Customer

March 1997
by Dr. Robert Sullivan, Author & Publisher

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Regardless of whether you are working with a large publisher or a small
press, every author should know that to make their book successful (that is,
to sell a LOT of books) requires a continued involvement in the promotion and
marketing of the book. Your distributor will probably take care of”traditional” bookstore sales (to the big chains like B&N, Borders, etc.),
but major sales are possible through “nontraditional” outlets such as
seminars, the Internet, book clubs, direct mail, small specialty catalogs,
and libraries.

Don’t overlook libraries as a wonderful customer for your books. They
purchase a lot of books and there are some good reasons why you should
consider them carefully in your personal marketing efforts:They usually pay full cover price.They never return books (unlike most bookstores and distributors).They frequently purchase subsequent printings and almost always new editions.They are excellent credit risks … they always pay.They provide “advertising” for your book in the form of displays at no cost to you.As your book gets checked out and discussed, word of mouth will sell more books.

Selling to libraries is a little different than other sales you may pursue
and here are some ideas to consider that will assist in increasing the
probability of library sales:

1) Ensure your book has complete CIP (Cataloging in Process) data. This is
VERY important and should be included in your book. This data is used by
library systems to properly catalog your…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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