Lessons I’ve Learned

September 1998
by PMA-L (Jan Nathan, Editor)

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Why is the PMA-L Listserv indispensable? I’ll let you see for yourself through this month’s column.

I asked the following question a few weeks ago on the listserv: “What three lessons have you learned in your book publishing career that would have saved you both time and money if you had known them in advance?”

We received so many wonderful replies that it’s hard to recap them here, but read on and you may find one or more thoughts that will help you along the way.

From Joseph Allison, Jordan Publishing:

Run a marathon, not a sprint. The timelines in publishing are very long. So budget your resources for the long haul. The world won’t even know you’re in the race until you’ve completed several laps.

From Ana Maria Gallo, Ana-Libri Press:

Make a business plan and a very detailed schedule. Use them to motivate your efforts and reward your accomplishments. Know that it’s there to benefit you, and if it needs changing, do it!

If you truly want to become a professional, whether it’s your second job on evenings and weekends or a second career, take the time to rank in order of importance a list of what you want and its cost . . . Be penny-wise but don’t undervalue your own time.

Ask for help. Not only do people love to share, but if you are a small operation, it keeps you in touch with your peers. And if you frequent this list or newsgroups, you have a virtual water cooler on what is new, interesting, and important.

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