Leading Today and Tomorrow: Ten New Skills for an Uncertain World

June 2009
by Bob Johansen

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Leading Today and Tomorrow: Ten New Skills for an Uncertain World

by Bob Johansen

I study the future to learn about leadership in the present. One of my jobs as a forecaster is to help leaders—including leaders of publishing companies—learn to lead aggressively even if they feel uneasy. Given the fact that discomfort will come with the territory for the next 10 years and probably far beyond, I’m convinced that leaders must learn new skills to make a better future.

Specifically, I’m convinced that 10 new leadership qualities are vital:

Maker instinct involves exploiting your inner drive to build and grow things, as well as to connect with others in the making.

Clarity involves seeing through messes and contradictions to a future that others cannot yet see. Leaders should be very clear about what they are making, but very flexible about how it gets made.

Dilemma flipping involves turning dilemmas—which, unlike problems, cannot be solved—into advantages and opportunities.

Immersive learning ability involves immersing yourself in unfamiliar environments to learn directly from them.

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