Kill POD

December 2004
by W. Paul Coates

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I’m looking for an army of conspiratorial publishers to kill the term POD, aka Print On Demand–an army of elite troops who are not afraid of attacking popular terms that have been mangled and stretched to the point of no meaning. If my troops don’t show up, I’ll go it alone. Something’s got to be done.

A good frontal assault is all it will take. After all, the term POD is almost dead anyway. Who actually expects books instantaneously? Most publishers order books with the expectation that they will arrive within three to four weeks. But even if the books arrive sooner, two to three weeks will still have elapsed by the time they get to the customer. Is this PrintOn Demand?

Maybe Lightning Source does it faster. They do a lot of “one-off” books with quick turnaround that many consider true Print On Demand books. But others would argue that, although the technology to print books “on demand” is certainly available, production delays often result in Print On Demand–sometimes.

In the day-to-day world of publishing, the one-off book is especially important for filling back orders, but it doesn’t define the world as a Print On Demand world. Printers use the same digital printing equipment that produces one-off (POD) books to deliver short-run books. In fact, while digital printing equipment is essential for printing one-off books, the technology is advancing to the point where it is used far more widely to produ…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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