Kids’ Books Sell Through School

July 2006
by Herb Marlow

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The lines spread through the
gym, snaking around the athletic equipment, and I wondered just how long it
would be before I could load up and make it to my afternoon booking. The
librarian and her assistants were helping kids select their books and
collecting the money as fast as they could, and when the purchasers came to my
table, I had just enough time to autograph their copies and say a few words to
each one.


It looked like organized chaos.
After 30 minutes, when I had signed more than 100 books, the last student stood
before me. I autographed her copy of our bestselling Ghost Horse
with a personalized message, and I was done. But just for the morning. This
scene would repeat itself in the afternoon, and on the next day, and the next,
and the next.


When my first children’s
Bronc Riders and Cherry Pie—was published by Ozark
Publishing, Inc., in 1996, my publisher, Dave Sargent, told me how Ozark would
be promoting it. He finished his spiel with, “Of course, Herb, there’s another
way to sell books, and if you want to do it, you’ll have more fun than you’ve
ever had in your life.”


School Visits Spark a
Publishing Company


I asked him what he was talking
about, and he told me about the pleasures of elementary school
visits—selling books to students, parents, an…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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