Just Said No

January 2009
by Amy Wachspress

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Just Said No

by Amy Wachspress

For nearly 30 years, I waited for a publisher to discover me, to say, “Your manuscript is the best thing since Moses came down off the mountain,” to offer me a contract, to connect me with my adoring readers. I wrote, and dreamed, and wrote, and fantasized, and edited, and hoped, and wrote again, and sent out letters and more letters and emails and more emails and followed leads and methodically went through Writer’s Market with Post-Its and highlighter, and drafted flattering letters to distant agents and perfected the art of the query, and wrote, and hoped.

Then I got wise. I researched self-publication. I learned as much as my brain could hold about independent publishing. I read Dan Poynter’s book and John Kremer’s book. I joined IBPA in 2006. I look forward to telling my grandchildren, “I belonged to IBPA back when it was PMA.”

A few weeks ago, the most remarkable thing happened: a bona fide established mainstream royalty-paying real-life publisher approached me about publishing my next book and (slap me) I just said no. Here’s why.

What I Want and What I Don’t Want

First, a little history. My husband and I founded our independent publishing company, Woza Books,…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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