Jenny’s Digital Book Nook:
A Prediction Disguised as a Story

November 2003
by Marshall Masters

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Stranger than Fiction

This fictional account set in the future is based on present-day fact. Although I invented the term On Time Publishing, a system like the one described in the story is now operational.

It’s a retail POD-type system invented by InstaBook founder Victor Celorio. The first InstaBook brick-and-mortar retail outlet is now open for business in Ontario, Canada, and you can learn more about this futuristic publishing technology by visiting or writing to Victor Celorio at

Jenny had just finished cleaning the breakfast table when her brother, Tom, pulled into her driveway in his brand-new 2008 electric SUV. “Boys and their toys,” she sighed with a smile.

She reached for a light jacket as she mentally reviewed her plans to open the first On Time Printing (OTP) store in her small town, Jenny’s Digital Book Nook. This morning, she’d draw on Tom’s experience as the owner of the town’s only theater to fine-tune her plans.

Tom sipped his coffee as she plopped down in the passenger seat of the SUV. “OK, off to Main Street,” he said, yawning.

“So have you been thinking about it?” Jenny asked.

“You betcha! Our town is too small for a regular bookstore, and I think folks would like to see something a bit more inviting than a UPS delivery truck.” He glanced at her with a reassuring smile. “Hey! I&#14…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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