It’s Never Too Early to Learn What It Takes: The Story of a Book by a 4-Year-Old

May 2004
by Danika DeTellis

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At the age of 4, my son Luc completed his first book. Sure, it was only Who’s There: 101 Knock Knock Jokes for Kids, but that’s nothing to knock. Here’s why: Motivation. We all need it. Motivation, purpose, and a goal make all the difference in our actions and achievements.

Why did Little Boy Luc write his first book at the age of 4? Because he wanted to make $100. Luc enjoys singing, playing the drums and the piano, and writing songs. One day, Luc and his daddy (Tim DeTellis) were at Radio Shack, and Luc saw a piece of music equipment he wanted to buy. It was a speaker and amplifier combo for $60. He told Tim that he really, really, really wanted to buy it, and Tim said, “No, Luc, you don’t need that; we already have one just like it at home.” “But Daddy,” said Luc, “I really need this, I want it real bad!”

So Tim, wearing the publisher’s hat that he and I share, said, “Luc, lately when we tell knock-knock jokes during our bedtime routine, you have come up with some really funny jokes. How about this: when I’m home during Christmas vacation, I’ll help you write a book filled with your knock-knock jokes. We’ll print 100 copies and when you sell your first 100 books you will have made $100, and then you can go buy any kind of equipment you want with the $100 you made.”

Luc loved the idea! This book was written in seven days, and on January 1, 2003, when Luc, Tim, Kate…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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