It’s About Timing

April 2006
by Brian Jud

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Three important concepts are
fundamental to successful book marketing. Two are fairly obvious, and you
probably adhere to them without even thinking about it. First, the content and
format of your promotional material should communicate the benefits your titles
offer to the recipients of your message; a one-message-fits-all promotional
piece is doomed to failure. Second, it is easier and less expensive to sell to
existing customers than it is to find new ones, since your acquisition and
marketing costs are reduced.


The third, less obvious, concept
is equally crucial. Timing can be as important as the content of and targets
for your message. This is true all the way through the publication process,
starting with prepublication promotion of various sorts, but let’s focus here
on timing dialogue with current customers to stimulate additional purchases of
existing titles.


How Transitional Marketing


The target market for any book is
made up of customers and potential buyers. Both need to know about, and be
reminded of, the benefits of your books at the time they need the information
to make a buying decision. If you contact people with the correct message in
the proper format at just the right moment, you improve the chances of a
positive reception. But even in a tightly defined market segment, different
people are a…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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