Introducing Nancy & Don Tubesing Whole Person Associates/Pfeifer-Hamilton Publishers

February 1997
by Jan Nathan

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In an effort to assist PMA members in learning some of the tricks of the trade used by surviving publishing companies, I have decided to interview PMA members and share some of their thoughts, failures, and successes with you.

Yes, even the successful ones have failures along the way. This month, we’re introducing two companies in one–Whole Person Associates/Pfeifer-Hamilton Publishers of Duluth, Minnesota. This company presents a role model, and the principals of this company, Nancy and Don Tubesing, reflect the makeup of many PMA member publishers–people who run a family business. The following interview was with Don Tubesing.

When and how did you begin your publishing company?

In 1969, Nancy and I developed a freshman orientation program (listening group) for Ohio University. We expanded on the idea of the three-day orientation and decided to set up “Friendship Groups” to be used throughout the whole quarter. Audio tape was not yet popular so we pressed a record. The record led the groups into discussions. We had 144 groups going. By the time we got through with that project, we ended up with a manual. And I was smart enough at that time to ensure that we owned rights to the manual and record for publication. We sold the whole package (record and manual) for $20. We sent out 2,500 promotional pieces and sold a complete set to 420 colleges. We earned enough money to pay our graduate school debts.

Then, in 1971, we moved to Milwaukee. As Dean of Student Affairs at a…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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