Internships Are a Win–Win for Publishers and Students

January 2006
by Frank Gromling & Lindsey Williams

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Frank Gromling

After months of thinking
about it, and always finding a hundred other things to do instead, I finally
decided to hire an intern for my small press. Now, after working with my intern
for three months, I am so pleased with the results of my first internship that
I plan to offer similar opportunities to college students every semester. And I
am sorry that I waited so long to start an intern program. The first steps had
seemed too daunting, but the process turned out to be simple.

As a business executive and owner,
I had always provided educational opportunities for my employees, by
reimbursing them for successfully completing college courses, for example, or
by giving them extensive training so they could serve our customers better. I
knew that an intern program should be both educational and functional. I wanted
the intern to learn specific information about book publishing, and I wanted
the company to gain from the intern’s skills and knowledge.

The first task I set myself was
writing down exactly what I wanted the intern to learn. The list included key
book-publishing activities—like manuscript selection, cover and interior
design, editing, indexing, copyright registration, ISBN assignment,
distribution, promotion, and marketing&

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