Internet Publishing & Its Impact on Our Industry

December 1998
by Aron Trauring, Maxima New Media

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Internet publishing is using the Internet as a medium for publishing information. The Internet is broader than just the World Wide Web, so IP comes in many forms.

E-Mail Newsletters: Distributed by e-mail, these are the equivalent of print newsletters. Most of these newsletters tend to be business-oriented, and quite a few are about the Internet business. There are many, many independent publishers in this arena, including Larry Chase who has a great Internet Marketing e-mail newsletter.

E-Books: E-books are downloadable electronic format books. The granddaddy of them all was the Gutenburg project, which provides many public domain books in plain ascii text files. There is much excitement in this arena as several players are about to release e-book devices. One of these is Rocketbook, partly owned by Barnes & Noble. You will be able to buy Rocketbooks on the B&N Web site and soon from in-store kiosks. These new ventures are backed by people with deep pockets, but they certainly will be open to content from independent publishers.

Web Books: These are similar to e-books, except they are read on the Web. There’s been a lot of publicity in this area, as the CEO of an Internet company is about to publish a book in this format, and is publicizing it on his site. In general, this is not yet an active area.

Web Publishing: This is the most developed area of Internet publishing and is sure to see further growth. There are two major subcategori…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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