Interior Design: You Can Tell a Book by Its Insides

March 2009
by Tamara Dever

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Interior Design: You Can Tell a Book by Its Insides

by Tamara Dever

Poor interior design is a silent killer. Oh, you may notice you’re having trouble getting reviews or great shelf placement. If you get past those hurdles, you may suspect that potential buyers are picking the book up and putting it back down—before heading to the register. And then you may be tempted to blame overwhelmed reviewers or finicky distributors or booksellers hooked on blockbusters.

But the culprit may well be a poorly designed interior. What does a poor design kill? Sales, reviews, distributor relationships, and, ultimately, respect. Yup, respect. Doing good business is all about respect. You want to show respect to your readers, to your authors, and to your service providers, and you’d like them to return the sentiment through repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising.

Why is a poorly designed interior a silent killer? Because so many publishers and their authors overlook the contribution interior design can make to success.

It’s common knowledge that the cover is all-important when it comes to grabbing attention. What’s not generally known is that the interior helps those with buying power make the decision to purchase your book, or not.

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