In the Beginning: A Hopeful Self-Publisher Reports on the Start-Up Stage

January 2004
by Lars Clausen

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I once believed that fulfillment was a good day with the family or a long ride on my unicycle. Since I wrote One Wheel–Many Spokes: USA by Unicycle, it has come to mean linking myself with readers. As an author/publisher who opted for speed and independence, I’ve ended up expending a lot of effort creating links to readers.

The process began two years ago with the doubtfully practical, yet undeniably powerful vision of unicycling through our 50 United States. On earlier bicycle trips across the USA and on a honeymoon trip through Europe, I had created journals. This time, on a unicycle at the age of 40, I felt a deep desire to wrap language into this odyssey and to share it with others. E-mail updates to more than 500 people kept me disciplined in my writing and provided the core from which I wrote One Wheel–Many Spokes.

As I moved from writing to publishing, I envisioned everything from unicycling through malls with a backpack of books to having copies stocked in Ingram’s warehouses. Now I’ve got the whole spectrum covered. When the publication date arrives in April 2004, I will have three major ways for readers to access One Wheel–Many Spokes.

Here’s what I’ve put together after listening to pros like Dan Poynter and John Kremer, researching the Web, taking advantage of PMA programs, and spending lots of time on the telephone.

My Best Routes to Readers

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