In Praise of Proofing, Plus a Postscript

May 2007
by Florrie Binford Kichler

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Eats Shoots and Leeves: In Praise of Proofing



by Florrie Binford Kichler


In Praise of Proofing, Plus a


A recent Sports Illustrated
issue featuring the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament brackets listed Arizona as
playing “Perdue.” Great branding for chicken, but I’m sure the many fine
engineers, astronauts, and basketball champions who have graduated from Purdue
University wondered if their school had sold naming rights.


proudly feature some-day shipping.”—Well,
as long as you’re not in a hurry . . .


Maid Meats . . . said it would voluntarily recall 94,400 pounds of frozen
ground beef panties that may be contaminated” (Reuters News Service).—Maybe Quaker Maid could
cut a deal with Victoria’s Secret?


With the advent of the computer,
proofreading has gone the way of the buggy whip, the $2 bill (remember those?),
and handwritten thank-you notes.


After all, who needs proofreaders
when we have . . . spellcheck!


Proofreaders are costly, require
benefits, and get terribly annoying pointing out every little typo that surely
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